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Home Contents Log

This Home Contents Log should be printed off and then filled in with a list of all your valuables within your property. Fill the forms in room by room and mark the item, if practicable in an area which is not openly visible, i.e. on the bottom of a vase with a marker pen (black or ultraviolet) available from your Neighbourhood Policing Team members or from your nearest Police Station. The rear page of the log gives suggestions on how and where to mark your property. If possible take pictures, either film or digital of the items that you list. Along side small items such as jewelry, small ornaments or such like place a ruler so that anybody viewing the pictures can understand the size of the item. Take pictures of any distinguishing marks, hall marks, date stamps etc. Place the pictures, either on a Compact Disk or prints along with the printed Home Contents Log for future reference. It should be then filed away until you require this information, whether it be for an insurance claim or an update. Don't forget, keep it updated.
This is an initiative between the Lincolnshire Police and the Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch Association.
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